Fertility Mindset

Safe, Effective, Natural!

Fertility Mindset addresses the needs of mind, body and spirit while growing your family one thought, one action at a time.

There are 3 physical parameters that must be met for natural conception to occur, good eggs, good sperm and good cervical mucus.  Should any one of these be absent, so too will be baby.   The interplay of your mind, body and spirit must equally engaged with the desire of your heart (and actions) when consciously creating your life.  Otherwise, your outcome will be less than satisfying.

3 Physical Qualities of Being Fertile: Clear, Stretchy & Lubricative

These same 3 qualities can be applied mentally and spiritually which have a way of playing out emotionally and through life experiences that are here to navigate your journey to yield your desired outcome.  As each child conceived is unique, so too is each individuals and each couples experience of the journey into the sacred pro-creation of life!  You may be here for any number of reasons though I’m sure they are all indicative of sustaining and pro-creating life.  (Otherwise, you could not have found your way here.  The Universe would not have allowed you to.)  Here is a simplified synopsis of a viable outcome.

  1. Yes, I want…
  2. Yes, NOW is the time.
  3. Yes, This is the way.
  4. Being Resolute:  Now that I have declared my WANT and taken the appropriate action, I leave the outcome to be what will…   as I carry on and live my life contentedly.

The physical needs are met through Creighton Model Fertility Care System which allows for the benefit of NaProTechnology to be applied (where needed) and for you to have access to specially training NaProTechnology qualified physicians who work in conjunction with your own OB/GYN independently of where you live.

Mindset, which can be equally Spiritual & Emotional, is energetically addressed via interactive energy coaching, guided visualizations, energy tools, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and any host or blend of the tools in my bag of spiritual and energetic field study and life experience.  Experience is the best teacher.  (Tap into your own so as to apply with precision to create the life of your dreams!  That is my ultimate goal for you, me and humanity.)

We are all born with an equal ability to grow and sustain our lives in beauty, grace and freedom.  Our choices for how can be varied and different though eventually, we must attune to a nature that nourishes our very souls while honoring and respecting each individuals right to do the same.