Frequently Asked Questions about Fertility

What is a fertility mindset?

A fertility mindset is the ability to consciously co-create that which you desire.  In this case, a baby.  The mind is like a garden.  What shows up (your life experiences) are evidence of the seeds that have been planted and have grown very well.  No problem.  You are not helpless in altering your life experience.  Quite the contrary!  You are powerful beyond your imaging!

You may have no conscious knowledge of the seed that grew and that is okay.  You are here now to consciously create a baby and a new reality.  One that includes a bundle of joy!  Yet, even joy comes with diapers to change and midnight feedings.  No matter, you will be glad you did.  Not only is it worth in the end…   (whatever that is) it’s worth it in each of these moments!

Like gestation, conception is a process.

What tools or procedures do you use to support fertility?

Fertility encompasses two elements: Mind/Spirit and Physical.  Both must be in alignment in order for conception to happen.

Mind & Spirit:  The needs of the mind and spirit are met through what I refer to as Fertility Mindset Coaching.  Your ability to conceive, grow and birth the desire that your heart and mind already want.  (Hint:  The body never lies.  It always responds to the most prominent energy.  Sometimes this energy isn’t even your own.  It can be healed and re-directed.)

Physical: The physical needs of the body are met through utilizing The Creighton Model Fertility Care System.  The Creighton Model Fertility Care Systems allows my clients to make use of NaProTechnology (Natural Pro-Creative Technology) for clients experiencing menstrual related symptoms and circumstances up to and including infertility.